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Climb Kilimanjaro in 3d

Ever wanted to climb the highest mountain in Africa? Kilimanjaro based in Tanzania is 5895m above sea-level.  It is a non-technical climb meaning it is accessible to any man or woman who has the strength of will and motivation to put  one foot in front of the other for a life changing challenge.  Climbing Kilimanjaro will give you nothing in terms of material gain.  There is no pot of gold at the summit.  It will give you pain and suffering.  Your risk of success is not guaranteed.

What it will give you is memories for a lifetime.  When you stand on the roof top of Africa and cast your eye over the plains 5000m below you,you will realise you have done something special.  And that you are capable of doing much more in your life than you ever thought or anyone ever told you was possible.

Attached is a short 3d video of the climbing route Kilimanjaro. Enjoy!

Climb Aconcagua in 3D

Unfortunately life cannot be one huge expedition.  But when times get tough sitting back at home in normal life, I often ‘escape’ into the outdoors, using my computer and Google Earth.

I still find it amazing that we can sit at home and explore our entire planet with the click of a mouse.

Here is a 3D fly through I created using Google Earth of the Polish Glacier climbing route on Aconcagua in Argentina – South America’s highest mountain.  I climbed this route in 2005 with Australian climber Vanessa Wills.  We did it as a two-person team, on the smell of an oily rag and I still smile at the fond memories I have from the climb.

It was tough work though so I have made it easier for you – in 3 minutes watch it from the comfort of your PC!

Experience the worlds most beautiful walk – the Annapurna circuit in 3D

I hope you enjoy my latest creation. A 3D fly through of the Annapurna circuit in Nepal, showing the highlights along the way.

I walked 8 days of this circuit in 2012 – you can read more of the trip report here:

It truly is a breath taking, awe inspiring, majestic and beautiful part of the world.  If you ever get the chance to walk the Annapurna circuit – then take it! I promise you will not regret it.

It’s time to climb K2!

I have been spending hours working on climbing K2 recently – the worlds 2nd tallest mountain.  June/July, August are the months to climb K2, so I thought I better make use of the conditions.

Attached here is the results – in just over 7 minutes.  Enjoy!

Climb Denali – the highest mountain in North America in 2.5 minutes!

Good morning folks!

As the season on Everest drew to a close at the end of the May, attention shifts to other great mountains on our beautiful earth.

Climbing season on the highest mountain in North America – Mt McKinley (also known as ‘Denali’ by its local name) is currently in full flow.  The standard route is known as the ‘West Buttress’.  Attached here is a 3-d fly through I put together from basecamp all the way to the summit.  In 2.5 minutes you can follow the route and see the key features and some facts about the climb.

Denali has had over 32,000 climbers attempt it since it was first climbed in 1913 with a success rate of around 50%.  Over 80% attempt the West Buttress route shown in this video.

My former teammate from Everest 2013 Mark Horrell is currently attempting the route so do send him some positive thoughts.

I am yearning to get out into the mountains again and am consoling myself with being there through the eyes of Google Earth.  Rock on December when my next expedition will unfold – this one truly a world first!


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