Climb Denali – the highest mountain in North America in 2.5 minutes!

Good morning folks!

As the season on Everest drew to a close at the end of the May, attention shifts to other great mountains on our beautiful earth.

Climbing season on the highest mountain in North America – Mt McKinley (also known as ‘Denali’ by its local name) is currently in full flow.  The standard route is known as the ‘West Buttress’.  Attached here is a 3-d fly through I put together from basecamp all the way to the summit.  In 2.5 minutes you can follow the route and see the key features and some facts about the climb.

Denali has had over 32,000 climbers attempt it since it was first climbed in 1913 with a success rate of around 50%.  Over 80% attempt the West Buttress route shown in this video.

My former teammate from Everest 2013 Mark Horrell is currently attempting the route so do send him some positive thoughts.

I am yearning to get out into the mountains again and am consoling myself with being there through the eyes of Google Earth.  Rock on December when my next expedition will unfold – this one truly a world first!


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  1. Just love it Axe. Well done, what a back drop!!! Cheers Kate


  2. Knowing you I am sure you will Cheers Kate


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