About Grant

I am a native of New Zealand now based in Singapore.  I am a professional speaker and explorer.  I played international 7-aside rugby before forced into retirement through injury after playing for 25 years. I found fresh challenge in the world of extreme adventure and have made over 50 expeditions on 5 continents, from the summit of Mt Everest, virgin peaks in Kyrgystan to the wilds of Patagonia. Since 2010, I have committed myself to human-powered exploration, making massive journeys across oceans and continents, completely ‘under my own steam’.

My preferred expedition style is lightweight, using as little support as practically possible.  I never stop dreaming up unique and exciting expeditions to explore the worlds more remote environments using only my own human power. There is nothing more exciting than turning one’s dreams into reality which I am fortunate to regularly achieve.  Ultimately my desire is to incorporate as many means of human powered exploration as possible into my journeys including flight!

I am married to a wonderful lady in Stephanie.  We are parents to twin daughters Kate and Rachel.

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Grant can be contacted at axe(at)axeoneverest.com

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