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Axe’s interests as a speaker and coach are in increasing teams and individuals performance. Axe applies and shares the lessons learnt through years leading teams in the corporate world and his passion for extreme expeditions to inspire and coach teams in the corporate and sporting world to achieve greater results.

Axe is a member of the Asian Professional Speakers Association (APSS) and has spoken to groups from as far afield as Dubai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and New Zealand. With his highly entertaining, relaxed and confident presentation style, Grant will tailor his presentation to make it relevant to your team, bringing your goals and vision to life through inspiring examples from the external environment. He specializes and delivers inspiring keynote presentations on the following content area’s:

  • Mountains of Change: Learning to navigate and lead change & transition
  • Mental strength & resilience: Practical techniques to become stronger and more resilient
  • Dealing with setbacks: Managing mountains of failure
  • The power of passion and a positive mindset
  • Creativity – Achievement with limited resources


Download Axe’s speaking brochure in PDF format by clicking the image above!

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