The Donkey has returned to Australia safely!

And… it’s official… Axe, Luke and Simpson’s Donkey are safely back on land at the holiday town of Mallacoota, a little south of Eden where their journey began.

Met by Luke’s parents with a boat trailer, all has ended well with some awesome seamanship to get Simpson’s Donkey back safely without having to trouble any emergency services.

While it’s not the landfall in Mew Zealand that they’d hoped for, nevertheless, a small battle was won in that the guys were able to make it back without help.

“It was a massive effort to reach Mallacoota this morning,” says Axe. “We had to fight currents all night and had to row two-up for the last six hours to make it into the boat ramp under our own steam.

“We’re both a little bit tired, but happy to be back!”

More to come from Axe once he’s regained his land-legs!

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  1. Welcome back on dry land guys. Sorry you’re back in Oz, but at least you’re safe and sound.


  2. WELCOME BACK TO OZ! Greatly relieved you survived a very arduous row on a very cruel sea. Well done!


  3. So great you’re on land, safe n sound. There’ll be some very relieved families and friends….and two relieved rowers! Good job!


  4. Way to go boys!!


  5. Glad to hear you are back on dry land safe and sound. Lots of love the shortys xxx


  6. Back safely. Thank God.


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