I am passionate about the positive benefits adventure has on the human spirit. I also believe that you do not need thousands of dollars or to travel to the end of the world to have an adventure. Together with my wife and friends we try to go on an adventure every weekend. These ‘microadventures’  are cheap simple adventures close to home.


–  allow you to explore new and beautiful parts of your surroundings

–  are a great way of building relationships and spending quality time with people in your life

–  are environmentally friendly

–  are good for your physical and spiritual health

–  are challenging

–  are low cost and take only a few hours!

Attached is some examples of what you can do but the options are only limited by your own imagination!

A small disclaimer here – no adventures are completely ‘safe’.  Activities like kayaking, rock climbing and abseiling do require a certain level of skill, equipment, training and preparation.  This learning  process is all part of the journey of any adventure.  So please do prepare yourself properly before getting out there so you can always go home to your families and loved ones and inspire them with your the stories of adventure and excitement at the end of the day.

Click the images below to access information and trip reports

Inflatable Sea Kayaking & SUP Singapore


Bevan enjoying a beer on Pulau Ubin with the friendly store owner

A Changi Airport transit stop microadventure – beach, beer and boats!

Cooking some noodles and sausages over the BBQ

An overnight sea kayaking microadventure to the Sisters Islands – sleeping with rats!

Because of the low tide we could land on Pulau Jong, its  a lovely peaceful little uninhabited island.

Paddling with Giants: A sea kayaking microadventure to Pulau Jong

Me with Mr Ang's Uncle - the 'boss of the farm' - great shape for a guy in his mid 70's

Crocodile Hunting – Inflatable Sea Kayaking from Kranji around Sungei Buloh

I jumped out for a wee swim in the Johor Strait and took this photo of Blair.

The long haul – Inflatable Sea kayaking from Sembawang beach to Changi Beach

Stephanie prepares the "Divorce Machine' on a beautiful morning on Changi beach.

Strong currents  – Inflatable sea kayaking from Changi beach to SAF Yacht

Inflatable Sea Kayaking: Sentosa Island to St John's

Kayaking in the rain  – Inflatable Sea Kayaking from Sentosa Island to St John’s

Some of the things we decided to give way to in the Singapore Straits

Dolphin spotting – Inflatable sea kayaking from Changi to Pulau Ubin through the mangroves

Inflatable sea kayaking SAFYC to east coast

Paddling in the wind – Inflatable sea kayaking from SAFYC to east coast

This guy was fishing for crabs from his boat.

Peace and tranquility – Inflatable sea kayaking around Seletar Island

Inflatable Sea Kayaking Malaysia

Under way. Pulau Pisang still looks a long long way away. Stephanie's first open water kayaking trip and she was amazed how long it took to get to the Island.

A journey across the sea.  A 28km open water paddle from Pontian town to Pulau Pisang.

Stephanie celebrating the 1st 8km of the trip after crossing under the 2nd link.

A journey to the end of  Continental Asia –  Kayaking Tanjung Piai

Together with Stephanie with our new sun shields which were very helpful in the hot sun.

Inflatable Sea Kayaking circumnavigation of Pulau Kukup – a  world first  for S$30!

Another friendly fishermam.

House hunting in Iskander Malaysia – a sea kayaking microadventure to Malaysia most rapidly developing spot


Success! Mum and Dad with their first geocache find.

Searching for hidden treasure! A Geocaching microadventure in Singapore

Cycle touring Malaysia and Singapore

Getting close to the finish line

4 day cycle tour Desaru and Kota Tinngi, Malaysia




Cycle ride across Singapore

3-day cycle ride across Singapore with 3 year od twins



A chap named Alistair Humphreys from the UK coined the phrase ‘microadventure’.  (You can read more about him here).  I have lived in Singapore for 15 years and am still amazed at the places I have never visited and the microadventures that I can come up with during my weekend time if I think a little creatively!  I decided to start adding my microadventures to this section of my website to give other people idea’s and inspiration to go on your very own micro-adventures.  If you do go then I would love to hear about them so do drop me a line, or if you ever want to join me then let me know!

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