Update – 5pm Saturday 17 November 2018

Firstly the status – Axe, Luke and Simpson’s Donkey are all safe and making great progress back towards the Australian mainland.

You can see their exact location on the GPS tracker at https://axeoneverest.maprogress.com/rowingfromhometohome

Last night, as you’ll see from the tracker, the course detoured south just a little bit while the guys waited out some adverse winds on parachute anchor. But this morning at about 2am the winds changed again and Axe and Luke were able to start making a northerly course again.

So far today it’s all gone well and currently they’re making a course for the beachside holiday town of Mallacoota where Axe has already been in touch with the locals by satellite phone to organise a trailer for their arrival at the boat ramp.

So all going well, Axe says that they’ll make it to Mallacoota sometime around dawn tomorrow morning – Sunday 18 November.

Keep in mind though that while it’s all looking good at the moment, as Axe has said throughout this expedition, bringing Simpson’s Donkey into land is always a tricky and potentially dangerous operation, so the guys won’t be relaxing until their toes are in the sand at Mallacoota and Simpson’s Donkey is on the trailer.

As always – keep the messages of support coming!

They’re almost home – com’on the Donkey!

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