Crossing Singapore by Human Power

Hello everyone!

It’s been awhile since I posted, but just to let you know the activity has not died down.  I am like a duck in a pond, where above the surface I seem placid and calm but underneath the water my legs are moving like crazy!

I am in the process of designing and ready to start building a brand-new, completely unique, human-powered boat. But more on that later.

August was National Day here in Singapore and as a family we have been planning for sometime our first multi-day, human-powered expedition.  And where better to attempt it than the second highest densely populated country on earth – Singapore!

You can see from the video,  even with so many people jammed into a small country like this – the thought and planning that has gone into this country still allows people like us to make wonderful human-powered journeys through the multitude of beautiful parks and cityscapes, using footpaths and park connector networks. Of the entire 88km journey, only 2km was actually on the road!

Happy Exploring!

Captain Axe

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  1. Lovely video, Grant. We must visit Singapore! And all the best with your next project!


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