Climb Kilimanjaro in 3d

Ever wanted to climb the highest mountain in Africa? Kilimanjaro based in Tanzania is 5895m above sea-level.  It is a non-technical climb meaning it is accessible to any man or woman who has the strength of will and motivation to put  one foot in front of the other for a life changing challenge.  Climbing Kilimanjaro will give you nothing in terms of material gain.  There is no pot of gold at the summit.  It will give you pain and suffering.  Your risk of success is not guaranteed.

What it will give you is memories for a lifetime.  When you stand on the roof top of Africa and cast your eye over the plains 5000m below you,you will realise you have done something special.  And that you are capable of doing much more in your life than you ever thought or anyone ever told you was possible.

Attached is a short 3d video of the climbing route Kilimanjaro. Enjoy!

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  1. Great music.


  2. Hi Grant – hope you are well – this looks amazing – heading over to Africa in August  😉

    We are going  Rwanda for an 8 day hike, then SA J’bourg for a safari, maybe we should include Kilmanjaro (as is part of my bucket list 😉



  3. Marilyn Rawlinson

    Hi Axe. I am your dad’s 1st cousin.
    Enjoying your blog. Love Kilimanjaro video. Is awesome. Well done


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