Peak to Peak 2014 – adventure beckons!

Morning folks!

Based on our success with Peak to Peak 2013 in New Zealand, where we became the first people to ever make a continuous human powered journey from the summit of Mt Ruapehu to the summit of Aoraki Mt Cook, we have decided to  push the ‘Peak to Peak’ concept one step further.  Our ‘Peak to Peak 2013’ New Zealand journey had all the elements of classic adventure.  It was hugely challenging. required serious commitment, had no guarantee of success, and we were attempting something unique which had never been tried before.

Peak to Peak 2014 – will run in the same spirit as Peak to Peak 2013.  With a shoe string budget and as little as support as practically possible, in September of this year  Alan Silva and myself will set-off from the summit of the highest mountain in Western Europe, and travel completely by human power to finish our journey at the highest point in another European country. Our journey will involve climbing these mountains by technical routes, kayaking a very dangerous stretch of water, and cycling.  Unfortunately due to restrictions imposed by some countries, part of what we are attempting to do is not even legal!  So we are forced to keep our intentions low key at this stage as we attempt to obtain the necessary permissions.  This is not a ‘packaged holiday’ adventure, using guides and support and following set itineraries.  We are truly taking a step into the unknown.

In the meantime see my brand new Inspiring Keynote Speaking brochure attached below (click the image to download the PDF version).  My Inspiring Key Note Presentations are proving very popular and I have been giving more and more recently.  So if you are looking for a speaker at your next event to tell an extremely entertaining & inspiring story,  then please contact me!

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Click on the image above to download the PDF version of my Key Note Speaking brochure



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  1. Far out, if you find you need a third member give me a call. This is epic!


  2. Axe, I thought you and Al were bonkers trying the Peak to Peak in NZ. Now you are attempting it in Europe, now I know you are bonkers! Good luck anyway and I shall be following you all the way with your GPS. Ada


  3. Kate E Smith

    Hi Axe as you know I followed you up Everest, also your recent adventures and really enjoyed the ride.I can’t wait to join you along the way on your proposed, intriguing 2014 Peak to Peak adventure. Cheers Kate ( UK )


  4. Good on you Axe, I will certainly be following you. If I had the technical climbing skills I’d tag along too, best of luck. BTW been upgraded to real-time tracking so everyone can keep an even closer eye on your prgress!



  5. Kate E Smith

    Sorry but we are in the North. Alan Hinkes county. I nearly fell off my chair when he came knocking on my door one lovely Sunday afternoon. His tipple was a certain kind of beer. I got it in especially for him but never expected him to call. We had two precious hours together. Are you giving any lectures anywhere? I have four children. One is the countryside manager for Hampshire and another lives in Buckinghamshire,both are quite near London and would show up if you were lecturing. The others live near me and I live near Leeds.Hope you sort the French out ! Cheers Kate


  6. Kate E Smith

    If you are talking Mont Blanc, why the UK visit ? No 2 son climbed Mt. Blanc a couple of years back with a guide called ‘Smiler ‘ in the mountaineering fraternity.have you heard of him? I still enjoy watching your summit compilation together with the background music. You should bring it up to date. Cheers Kate


  7. Kate E Smith

    I have just re watched your videos on past Peak to Peak and really enjoyed them. My two older boys built their own canoes and then used them on waterways in England to raise money which enabled them to buy a land rover for a school for disabled children. Number 2 son then went to join an Australian cycling club and spent a week cycling round Sikkem and then a trek to EBC. The cycling nearly killed him !!! Of course adventures like that are just a drop in the ocean compared to your adventures but the spirit is there. Cheers Kate


  8. Hi Kate, thanks for your nice updates. You are a lucky lady to be visited by Alan, I wish he would visit me! We hope to start our journey on the summit of Ben Nevis and finish on Mt Blanc so we may be in your neighbourhood, I would be sure to pop by if we are.


    • Kate E Smith

      Our boys did the British three peaks in 24 hours, namely Ben Nevis, Scawfell and Snowdon..It was a question of getting the timings right and being in the right place at daybreak. Delighted to hear you are coming to Britain, the kettle will be on in case you call. It sounds to be an exciting project. Good luck Cheers Kate


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