Climb Aconcagua in 3D

Unfortunately life cannot be one huge expedition.  But when times get tough sitting back at home in normal life, I often ‘escape’ into the outdoors, using my computer and Google Earth.

I still find it amazing that we can sit at home and explore our entire planet with the click of a mouse.

Here is a 3D fly through I created using Google Earth of the Polish Glacier climbing route on Aconcagua in Argentina – South America’s highest mountain.  I climbed this route in 2005 with Australian climber Vanessa Wills.  We did it as a two-person team, on the smell of an oily rag and I still smile at the fond memories I have from the climb.

It was tough work though so I have made it easier for you – in 3 minutes watch it from the comfort of your PC!

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  1. That is so cool!! Thank you! Lisa Burrow


  2. How about a 3D across the Atlantic, Indian or Pacific Oceans? Coast to Coast. …


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