Everest Weather May 18th – 20th

At 8000 – 8850m, the weather today will be see wind picking up to 15km/h in the morning to 20km/h tonight, with the increasing wind continuing to 25km/h – 30 km/h tomorrow, dropping down a bit in the afternoon to 25km/h. There will be more snow showers with 6 – 8cm of fresh snow ( highest in a relatively dry week). Temps are -16 to -25C with windchill as cold as -34C at the summit. All round, not perfect, but do-able summit conditions.

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  1. Thinking and talking about you in San Francisco. Take care buddy! Arla


  2. Jiayou!!!


  3. Go Axe!!! Thinking about you all the way up there from Melbourne, Australia! Nerida


  4. Good luck hope all goes well and you return safe. You are an inspiration.


  5. If weather conditions not good, does he have enough O2 to wait it out in C3 for a day, or better to drop down to C2?


  6. Hope the weather is kind to you Axe – all the best for reaching the summit and getting back down safely – Take care mate!!


  7. ( DAVID writes):

    KK – I dont know, but I suspect it will take too much effort to drop back down to North Col to ride out bad weather. And at 7000m, you arent really resting or recoveirng much at that altitude. Hope Grant makes in on the first try. Mathematically, its possible to do what I mentioned, with another summit window opening up in late May-early June if the past weather patterns prevail


  8. Got everything crossed that conditions stay good for you Axe. Be safe.


  9. Thinking of you mate. I hope everything aligns for you to make the summit bid. Good luck and I hope you enjoy the feeling of reaching your goal. You certainly deserve it.

    Get back in one piece mate.


  10. Kate (Isadora) Smith

    Good Luck nearly there! Cheers Kate S


  11. Grant I summitted in similar winds in ’98. Make sure your mits, gloves and glasses are all secured to you so they won’t fly off.

    Bet the tension is building – but focus on the climb; work out the time to key places on the route & conserve your energy and your O’s.

    Enjoy the experience as much as you can.

    Cheers Al


  12. Kevin McManus - Kmac

    Axe, Hopefully this finds you well…. and rested… Routing from Charleston, South Carolina.

    Kevin Mcmanus –


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