Summit Camp at 8300m reached today! Latest….May 18 , 2012

( by SMS to David Lim)

Made Camp 3 in just over 2 ours from Camp 2 his morning. Relaxing in my tent while sipping on supplementary oxygen. Camp 3 is the highest campsite in the world! Was disappointed not to have found any bars open. I could do with a Tiger Beer – or any beer for that matter – oh well…

Feeling super strong. Its snowing and cold here now. Hoping not too much wind tonight. Planing to leave at 11pm Nepal Time. maybe reach the top around 4 – 5am Nepal time


(David’s note:  There are about 200 climbers prepped to climb to the top from the south and 100 from the north – quite a number! I have suggested that Grant leave early and push hard until after he clears the last bottleneck at the 2nd step. This will allow him to make good time, andnot be hemmed in by slower climbers; not to mention cruising it to the top ahead of the line, and similarly , making it back without being stuck at the chokepoints )



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  1. nearly there! good to hear you sounding so positive!


  2. rachael adams

    you are doing amazing! love from everyone here around Toko!


  3. shahin Kabir

    Keep it up!! A little more!! And thats it.


  4. Paul Stephens

    Awesome effort Axe, hope the weather gods are kind to you tonight !


  5. Jack (Room 1,St Patrick's School Inglewood, Taranaki, New Zealand)

    Well done


  6. Kate (Isadora) Smith

    Nearly there Brilliant.I’m with you all the way. I have to watch the time zones carefully Cheers Kate


  7. This is intense Axe! So great that you are feeling so strong at that altitude. All that dedicated training is paying off for you and no doubt all your sponsors would be exstatic about you very soon to hit paydirt! I certainly have complete confidence in your tremendous tenacity to pull this off completely. Just make sure you keep that focus and concentration for those precarious steps down. Don’t forget to put that pebble back on top and get some great shots! Go Grant!!


  8. Brilliant! almost there – shame about the beer!!!! Will have plenty when you come back. Take care and thinking of you all the way to the summit. Go for it.


  9. Doug Goldberg

    Hey there – I am a friend of Colin Bosher following you from Cincinnati Ohio USA. So inspiring! Good wishes from the States on your summit bid! Looking forward to the post summit post!


    Doug Goldberg


  10. Great news. Sooo close in achieving one of your life dreams. Go for it and all the very best. BJ


  11. Awesome stuff!! Good luck mate.


  12. flor agalliu

    great going axe. i know you will axe your way through, safe and strong.


  13. Matthew Parsons

    Get up there Axe.

    I’m moving back to Singapore at the end of the summer. I promise you a jug of Tiger then!


  14. Christian Schmollinger

    Go Axe! Can’t wait to hear about the summit!


  15. David, have any climbers already summitted everest this year or will the first climber who reaches the summit today be the first of the year?


  16. Fantastic effort mate – all the best today !


  17. Great you are feeling so strong, so high……exciting stuff, we are eagerly anticipating your victorious blog tomorrow. GO AXE


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