Good Morning Singapore – May 18th 2012 Update

( by SMS through David Lim)

Update just in at 0837hrs Singapore time:

Large Chinese team who have some members(slow) causing bottlenecks yesterday. A little worried about getting stuck behind them tonight. Great sleep at Camp 2. A little cold last night though.. Also developing piles  ( Editors note: eat your oats, Grant!) which is uncomfortable but apart from that feel strong and ready to head up to Camp 3 ( 8300m ) soon.

Note by David:  The climb today will be a short one. Breathing with the aid of supplementary 02 at a flow rate of about 2L per minute, Grant will traverse the yellow band, and part of the exposed North Face to the tiny campsites at 8300m. WIth just 500m of vertical climbing today, and low winds, he should make it by lunchtime. Enough time to rest, rehydrate, catch some sleep before a nighttime start for the summit. Not sure what time he is aiming to leave, but i would prefer an early start to get ahead of the others.

I’ve been feeding him weather updates and tips so far.

Text him your thoughts: +8821676006005

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  1. tim richardson

    Scho, Tim and Heather wish you strong legs and lungs for the last push and fine climbing weather for your dream of getting to the summit and back !!!! Good vibes


  2. shahin Kabir

    I hope it is one of THE MOST exciting moment of your life. I don’t know if you like Rod Stewart’s songs. If you do. Perhaps you can start singing” Tonight’s the night, Gonna be alright”” Enjoy the moment when dream comes true, enjoy the summit.


  3. So exciting…looking forward to the happy ending! Go Grant Go!


  4. Kate (Isadora) Smith

    So excited for you still Watching and Waiting Kate Smith


  5. flor agalliu



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