Latest News! Camp 2 reached! 7900m – May 17 2012

( via SMS to David Lim)


I’m now lying in Camp 2 ( 7900m) breathing oxygen at a flow rate of half a litre per minute. Feel great. Changed from a dead donkey this morning into a superman after some terrible sleep. I climbed to 7300m, and then turned on the O2 at a 1.5 litre per  minute flow  – made me into a superman! Never felt so strong on a hill as the last 4 hours heading up. We need the people wo are fixing the summit route ropes to finish by tomorrow or I might have to do it myself. Even our sherpas are tired after getting to 7900m with their loads.

Hoping for an hour or two of sleep. Tomorrow , we hit Camp3; and then we leave for the summit on the night of May 18th. God, let tomorrow be the night.

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  1. Brilliant News Axe, keep up the good work and stay strong for the big push! Geezer


  2. Great news. This is what you and all your friends have been waiting for. All the very best of luck. BJ


  3. Axe, I pulling for you to make it to the summit. Ann


  4. Hey, what they putting in those bottles Axey? Good job I’m not there to test you… Go mate…


  5. Give it a nudge. Living vicariously through your adventure. Tremendous!


  6. just a little more to go now! I will be thinking of you all the time…be safe


  7. chris reynolds

    go get it mate , so happy you are feeling good, you will do it this time I know


  8. Linda Mckenzie

    Good to hear Grant! Rest well and conserve your energy for the final push! We are ALL keeping our fingers crossed for you!


  9. After hearing your strong and confident voice I’m sure you will make it and SHE will let you in on the top! as you are the only link to Margaret please pass her my love too. All best


  10. shahin Kabir

    Great!! one more to go!!


  11. Awesome news Grant! You’re obviously ready. Now we just have to wait and see if the weather will cooperate.


  12. Sonia Candy-Rova

    wahoooooooooooo room 1 is cheering very loudly. go axe go!! we are super proud of your efforts.


  13. Way to go mate. Crossing everything for a window tomorrow. Will have beer with the guys in SG next week for you! Or perhaps even with you the week after 😉


  14. great to hear, keep it up grant!


  15. Kate (Isadora) Smith

    Still Watching &Waiting. Golly it’s so exciting. You have taken me so far up that big hill hope we get to the top Cheers Kate


  16. Two things mate for the big push;

    1. Hydrate Grant – keep the fluids up.

    2. Watch out for the extra strong sun light – keep your special googles handy for putting on as soon as the sun rises.

    To the top & back – way to go Grant!

    Cheers Al


  17. Kerryn Carter

    Kia kaha


  18. Simon Taskunas

    Well done Axe. Best of luck for the final push, and the journey back. Cheers, Tas


  19. great news and awesome going pal… may the mountain gods be smiling with you.


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