The Descent C3 and Going Down – May 20, 2012

( via SMS messages to David Lim)

From Grant: It was decided to spend the night at C3 as the group needed to re-group after the summit climb. Some very tired people are coming down,

It was freezing cold last night- like being in a freezer (  David’s note:  The average household freezer is about -10C. C3 temps are closer to -20C)

WOke up this morning with spindrift over everything. Very strong gusts all night and this morning. Ned to get down to ABC today to that out and get more air.


David’s Note: Grant’s possible schedule in the next week could be:


20 – C3 – ABC
21 ABC – BC
22 BC packing
23 Striking campsites
24 Striking campsites
25  Climbers return ahead of the camp staff ( who may take a few more days to clear out C2 and C3) Basecamp to Tingri
26 Tingri – Zhangmu on the border of Nepal
27 Zhangmu- Kodari – Kathmandu overland
28 Kathmandu
29 KTM – Singapore

I’m just speculating, but if the team schedule is primed this way, and Grant can get an earlier flight, he could be home within the next 10 days. His official flight returns on June 10th






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  1. Scho and Tim Richardson

    We hope you enjoyed the view from the top, Axe!!! Truly amazing, wonderful, marvellous that you’ve fulfilled your dream. We are all so proud of you. Now get yourself and the crew down safely. “Enjoy” the cold for what it’s worth, it is stonking hot here in Singapore at the moment… the only “ice cold” you’ll experience when you get home will be the beers! Again, Godspeed.xo
    P.S. Thank you heaps David Lim for all the updates!


  2. Just come back safely.
    All the best


  3. Stay warm as you can and stay safe xxx


  4. Mate fantastic achievement and beyond words really. So proud of you for sticking to your guns and giving it a second shot. Shows real character and resolve. Well done buddy. Its huge!


  5. Will recall your achievement for a long time old buddy as your summit day ia also my daughter Dominique’s birthday. You must feel like sh*t physically but mentally delariously happy with a huge sense of relief and accomplishment. Get down in one piece and cross that finish line at BC … then let the celebrations begin. That WAS huge mate and thanks for the fascinating talk throughs and videos. B-I-G CONGRATULATIONS!!


  6. Congratulations on reaching the top of the world . An amazing achievment. Been in touch with dad ,saw Tony and family at beach today Everyone pleased for you. Looking forward to seeing you and Steph in Singapore. Will have lots of questions !! Alan & Cath Morris.


  7. Congratulations! Looking forward to reading more about your experience. Be safe on your way down the mountain.


  8. Kate (Isadora) Smith

    Well done Axe, I can’t wait until you get back to BC and you can look up at the North Ridge and say to yourself “I conquered you mate”You must have a brilliant feeling both mentally and physical when you look up at the summit and know that you have stood on top of the world CONGRATULATIONS. Thank you for all the blogs that have taken me along with you.I have a good imagination and I have been with you step by step. I must admit I feel a bit deflated today as the excitement for me is all over. What next? Cheers Kate S


  9. Congrats!!!!!!!!! That is so awesome!!!!!! Safe travels and when you get back It’d be cool if you’d do a Q&A post of climbing everest for us noobs 🙂


  10. Jaesen Sumner

    Well done Grant/Axe. We have been keeping up to speed with the blogs here in Wellington and are proud of your achievement. You might like to know I was in Dunedin over the weekend and found out about your news via the ODT! Come down safely and next time your in Wellington I will buy you the beer you deserve.


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