20th April – Note from David Lim – Acclimatisation Cycles

While you are waiting for Grunto’s next update; news just in that a veteran sherpa has collapsed and died at basecamp ( south side) is sobering that altitude sickness can strike anyone.  Grunto’s next acclimatisation cycle will probably involve them making a trudge up the moraine to the camp know as Intermediate Camp – usually around 5900m, a dreadful kind of place with lots of yak shit everywhere – but essential as a stop gap prior to push to Advance Basecamp at 6500m – one of the few places on Earth you can actually trek up that high witout climbing gear.  A cycle can take a few days, letting the body adjust. This is NOT his schedule, but a first cycle could be to go to Intermediate Camp, overnight there, and return; or push up someway to Advance Basecamp. Onthe 2nd cycle, a night at IC, then a push to ABC for a night or two there. On the 3rd cycle, to ABC, skipping IC altogether, then a few days at ABC involving a foray up to North Col ( 7000m). The 4th cycle is often the summit push

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  1. Hi Grant,
    Wishing you all the best in your acclimatisation cycles.


  2. Hi Grant, wishing you the very best on your 2012 climb, love reading your blog and the videos are great! Good luck.love Mica.


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