19th April – Video post of the windy Puja

Attached below is a 2 minute video of the wind on Everest yesterday and our Puja ceremony.  The Puja went very well and was enjoyed immensely by the whole team.  It is very important, especially for the Sherpa’s, that the ceremony goes smoothly and fun is had by all.  As you will tell from the end of this video, I definitely enjoyed myself.  Shortly after standing on my head and drinking glasses of Rakshi (rice wine), I retired to my tent for a very long sleep. Approximately 15 hours.  Enough said.

A short update from the North side rope fixing team, who have fixed ropes upto 7700m (Camp 2).  It looks like the jet stream will be pounding the mountain for the next three days however.  We plan to leave Saturday 21st for our first acclimatization cycle up the mountain.

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  1. Well if you didn’t have a headache after arriving at BC I’m sure drinking upside down on your head will sort that out. You silly young man!! You could have spilt the rice wine!!


  2. Hey Axe, you’ll have to include that party trick in your future talks on Everest….! Good to see you’re having fun mate. Lloydy


  3. Thanks a trick from a NZ Varsity if ever i saw one axe! Good stuff.


  4. Nicola, Shorty

    Excellent video and party trick.


  5. Just like in the SCC members bar Axe. Awesome stuff and I bet Ed Hillary did the same before he went up.


  6. That looked safer at 5000m than it does at 1.3m on a stool at Attica.


  7. Grant,

    You’re going to have to demo your new skill at the sales meeting in August.

    Stay safe!



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