Day 43 – ABC to North Col for the final time

( edited from a series of SMS message sent this evening to David Lim):

Arrived at North Col from ABC after  a 4 hour climb. Feeling a bit tired . Wasted 3 hours finding my tent and getting the wjhole snow-melting process going. Very cold here. ” Resting” a day here tomorrow to let the high winds pass. Pray that I won’t get HAPE again. I’ll be using 02 on the climb from North Col to Camp 2 at 7600, Very scared of HAPE and of going higher on this hill. From you you can see how huge it is and big and intimidating. Definitely not a place for humans to hang around. I miss the warmth of Singapore and SIngapore food! And of course my Possum…  Please keep those SMS message coming. They have been a great boost for my morale up here. Another update to follow tomorrow….yawnnnnnnn…time for a chilly sleep at 7000m.

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  1. Rob Sutherland

    Pulling for you Man!!, but take care FFS!!
    rob and Liz


  2. Keep up the good work Grant!!

    All the best for a successful summit and safe return.



  3. Kevin " Kmac" McManus


    Stay strong brother…. rooting for you all the way…. My 2 girls ( 16 y/o + 10 y/o } are also very keen for Daddy to read them your updates……
    I give you a lot of credit and pray that you reach your goal of reaching the summit…

    stay well..

    Kmac { friends of SCC- {notably – 2 pecker heads named…..Tommy Gun, and the ‘shoe’}


  4. Charmaine Murphy

    Hi from Whangamomona again. Still keeping tabs on what you are up too. I feel guilty sitting by a nice log fire while you are freezing up there! Take care, good luck and do listen to that body. All the best.


  5. Good Morning, from New Plymouth New Zealand Hang in there young fella, you’re doing well,we are in touch with Mum & Dad and they are very proud of their son ,regardless of what they may have said.Be like the scrub-cutter only look up now dont look back.
    Regards Alan & Cath Morris


  6. best wishes for zero snow/wind/traffic bro


  7. ps if you find irvine, bury the camera


  8. its stinking hot here in sing, try and enjoy some of that cooler weather! Great effort Axe, luv the updates.


  9. Go on mate – one step, one step: head down, walk up! Go hard, come home – Deno


  10. I read the other day that the road to nowhere has no obstacles and thought of you Grant – because your path leads to triumph. Go well mate. We are all thinking of you.


  11. Mel Rawlinson

    Good Luck Grant! Wishing you all the best, from Matau NZ!


  12. good luck Axe. Keep strong!


  13. Philippa Sutherland

    TAKE CARE and stay strong in your mind and in your heart. We can’t wait to see you back in Singapore so get up there and back down asap! xx


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