Day 44: Summit Push – North Col – rest stop

(from Grant’s Thuraya SATPHONE)

Rest day here at North Col (tuesday) – sunny  mixed with snow showers. hard to have proper rest here, and dreading another restless night staying awake. Sittingout the bad winds , and hope to make the climb to 7600m tomorrow (wed).

Note from david: For all you FB -addicted fans – and fans of Axe, do bear in mind sending an SMS with cold fingers in an icy tent while trying to maintain satellite link-ups is usually a once a day affair when you are on the move, let alone at 7000m!  SO do text him your support but anticipate brief updates only. CHeers

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  1. Hi Axe,

    I am keeping up with reading you blog and inspired by your adventures. Best wishes for your success. Even if you may not make it to the top, you are already a HERO!

    Hope you will conquer the highest mountain in the world. Fingers crossed and looking forward to hearing your good news!


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