Day 45- May 25th: Freezing Crap, and Tough, Tough Climb to Camp 2

(via Thuraya SMS)

Had diarrhea last night. Not nice getting out of tent to go into the darkness and -20 degree winds and snow outside for a freezing crap. No sleep at all last night. Felt very weak in the morning and got going at 830am – reached the campsite at 7600m on the top of the snow ridge that forms the North Ridge of Everest. Very hard work and physically – I almost gave up. I was on a low flow of oxygen – around half a litre per minute – which is sometimes used to aid climbers at altitudes above 7000m. However, right before the final section, had to crank up the flow to 1 litre p/min. Finally got to camp at 1350hrs.

I’ll be sleeping with the aid of oxygen tonight as it’s very important for me to get some rest. It’s amazing to be so high up on Everest. ABC and the tents on the Col look tiny from where I am way up here.

Not sure if I can make it to the top. The technical climbing is easy so far, but it’s just so tough physically. Keep those messages coming.  Axe – out

David’s note: Tomorrow, Grant will likely be climbing once again with the help of supplementary oxygen, at a higher flow, perhaps 1 -2 litres per minute, and the vertical distance from Camp 2 to Camp 3 (8300m) is just about 700 vertical metres  -so, this day is often seen as an ‘easier’ day compared to today. He will be traversing downward sloping slabby bits to get to his final campsite – often perched on small rocky ledges – before summit day on the 27th – weather permitting. camp 3 is in a very harsh, wind-raked place, and people spend minimal time here.

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  1. Hey Axey, you can do this mate, me, Mandy and the girls are rooting for you..


  2. Axe, I so sincerely hope you will be lucky and secure some hours of sleep as then I feel u for sure will make it. BR BJ


  3. Christian Schmollinger

    Go Axe! You’re so close now. Can’t wait to hear about you at the top.


  4. Keep the faith, Grant. Just take one step at a time.



  5. Axe hang in there fella. Rooting for you, know you can do it.Mike


  6. Lou, Mike and Sam

    I’m finding that I am getting really excited for you now Grant. You are so close! Stay focused and safe; you’re a superstar.

    Love Lou, Mike and Sam

    David, thanks so much for all your context, it’s really helpful to get to grips with Grant’s amazing challenge.


  7. Thinking of you and wishing good luck with health and weather
    We watched Adam Parore interviewed last night having just summited
    Love from Helen


  8. Dig deep. If the HAPE is not a problem you will make it. Alex


  9. Bill McCormack Sr

    The McCormack team in Cyprus has joined the rest of your supporters in willing you through the barriers and upwards. We are with you. What you are doing is totally awesome. Up there you are closer to Himself, the Creator of Everest who will give you the strength you need for this conquest. Talk to Him.
    Willing you on and upwards….


  10. Mate, your a champion. Awesome grit & determination. Be safe.


  11. You can do it mate. Strong like Bull!!


  12. so close now mate, keep going!


  13. hey Axe – keep at it mate…truely inspirational stuff…looking forward to hearing so much more and celebrating with you on your return whether you reach the summit or not…champion stuff


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