Day 46-47 – SUMMIT DAY (#47) CLIMB! Go Grant!

( through David Lim): Received this from Grant aroun 2100hrs Singapore time – which is about 2330hrs Nepal/Tibet time:

“Arrived at Camp 3 ( 8300m) tired and cold. Will try for the summit in a few hours”

David’s Note: My pal Jim WIlliams from Exploradus, has  a team going for the summit. The news from the South Col at 1945hrs on May 26th was clear and calm – perfect evening for starting a summitpush. Hopefully , condiitons on the north side of Everest are also similar!

David’s note: The route to the top involves some tricky traverses and rock scrambling over a number of rock “steps”, themost notorious being the 2nd Step – near where Mallory and Irvine were last seen before the clouds covered them from view forever that June day in 1924.  Grant’s route will cover the 1st and 2nd steps – the latter involving a aluminium ladder in place since 1975 and pretty creaky. The exposure to your right can be phenomenal, and it is totally different climbing than on the more open ridge on the south (Nepal)side. AFter teh 2nd step, the 3rd step is small by comparison, and then a just a few tricky slab avalanche prone slopes to traverse before the summit.

In crowded situations, there is a risk of being stuck behind a bottle neck of climbers coming up or down. Grant is likely to leave around midnight or a bit later – considering that there is at least 300 fewer vertical metres to climb than the south side start from SOuth Col at 8000m. However, there is a lot of horizontal ground to cover. So as I write this at 0030hrs, it is most likely Grant is already out of his tent, looking at a clear sky, and sucking deep on his oxygen mask as he braves the start of many steps to the top of the world. Go, Grant!

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  1. Wow Grant! So amazing and nerve-racking! Good luck and we are praying for you! You will have the best seat to view our world from!


  2. Hey Buddy,

    Looks like you are jsut about to beat the beast!! You are in our thoughts my friend.

    Your mate always


  3. Get on up there Axe!


  4. Wow what a potential sunrise you will see on the dawn of 27 May 2011. I have always had much respect for you but what you are about to achieve is simply monumental.


  5. Thinking of you. Stay safe. The Shortys xxx


  6. Go Go Go! Good luck!


  7. So close – all the very best, thinking of you.


  8. Richard Harcourt

    Go for it man, you are awesome! Please travel safe and we are all thinking of you ! Amazing


  9. Hope he makes it!!!

    Waiting in suspense for positive news


  10. go Axe, you can do it!!!


  11. Truly fantastic you made it this far. Keep fighting. Can’t wait for next update! BJ


  12. go bro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  13. Great stuff Grant!! Looking forward to your next post.


  14. This is amazing. Go for it Axe! Get up there! Get over those steps!


  15. Sebastian/Ashleigh/Sailaindraa/Dylan/Jonathn & Jessica

    Dear Mr Axe
    Don’t be afraid…you can do it. Climb with
    your heart and might.


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