Gunung Rinjani

See some photo’s below and a video post from the summit of Gunung Rinjani, Indonesia.  ‘Gunung’ is the bahasa Indonesian word for ‘mountain’.  Gunung Rinjani is a huge active volcano, located on the island of Lombok, right beside Bali.  It’s a  three-day walk to climb Rinjani. You need to take a guide (I was told it was required by law), and anyway there is not such good maps and many different trails which you would easily get lost on if you were by yourself.

I like this trip much more than Mt Kinabalu in Malaysia.  Mt Kinabalu is much more popular for some reason. But Rinjani has more of ‘adventurous’ feeling to it.  You stay in tents, cook over campfires and eat fish from the lake.

A lady works here rice fields with Gunung Rinjani in the background.

A lady works her rice fields with Gunung Rinjani in the background.


Tea boiling on the campsite


Beware of the cheeky monkeys


Crossing a river

View from the campsite

View from the campsite

My only bug bear was that there was a lot of garbage on the trails and around the campsites.  Please encourage or maybe tip your staff more if they help, to clean up the trails and pack out what you pack in.

‘Leave only footsteps – take only photographs’ 

  1. Hi im from Indonesia, thanks for your post about part of my country.



  2. find Indonesia than lombok island then you will find a little island that have a great active volcano named Rinjani Mountain.

    thank guys for post our place.


  3. Great readinng your blog post


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