48nm to shore!

Currently 48nm to shore. 90nm to Coffs Harbour & searching for South current. Crew happy, rowing since 0600, tea N hash brown for bfast. looking forward to a beer.



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  1. sail safe hope you land at coffs we have a r
    ally yhis weekend


  2. I’ve a mate near by and organised a pot of light beer shandy to be waiting at the jetty for you.


  3. Don & Gay dawson

    Hi Grant. Its been quite an ordeal, glad you look to be on top of things now. How about the donkey? Regards Don & Gay


  4. Yes! Enjoy the hash browns and the beer – make sure you add bacon 👌🏼


  5. Congratulations on your choice to return to OZ.
    Disappointing for you I’m sure but more disappointing for your followers if anything negative happened to you 😊


  6. Yippee Yayay👏👍😅
    Not far to go, you certainly deserve a beer or two.
    Hope you don’t have to do much swimming … but remember if you do, don’t forget your jocks as you may have an audience 😱


  7. hope all is going well. you do deserve a beer glad you are safe


  8. Great to hear, Grant. Really great. Your time will come again, I’m sure.


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