How I communicate from waaaaaay out there!!!

Much of the time, the most communication we need is a cellphone and an email address… but out of sight from land, I need a little bit more to keep in touch with the world. So from the extremes like when I’m stuck in a storm and need emergency help to the times when I simply need someone to talk me through figuring out when the winds are going to start to blow in my direction, I’ve got a range of communication devices to talk to everyone from rescue services to people like expedition project Manager Dave Field and expedition weather guru Roger ‘Clouds’ Badham. And of course those communication options includes a satellite phone for the most important calls of all- to check in with Stephanie and the girls as well! Check out this video we made while I was still in Coff’s Harbour for a tour of the Communications systems on board- Communications aboard the Donkey!

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  1. Hi Axe

    I hope this message finds you in good heart. I’ve been following your progress daily, like many others I m sure. There s no doubt you ve had a tough start with the wind , the weather and the currents. Your positivity and careful management is great credit to you and an ongoing lesson for all of us landlubbers in the comfort of our offices and homes. Keep that positivity going mate and may the weather gods change in your favour. Best. Youngie


  2. Next 24 hours will be a rough ride with winds increasing, however swinging around to come from the west, before swinging further to the nor-west up to 40 Kts. Will be a great test for man and the vessel.


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