Day 31 – May 11th – onwards to North Col

( from SMS messages as reported to David Lim)

Heading for a night at North Col (7000m) from ABC this morning. Not bringing the Satphone. Hope my HAPE wont recur.. But so far, feeling strong and healthy. It’s hard work living above 6000m.

David’s Note: From ABC, the path meanders up to 6500m whereupon the glacier begins. A gradual rise  up to 6600m, andthen a steep er 35 – 45 degree snow/ice wall beckons. A  fixed rope is usually already in place, and the North Col campsite is often sheltered under an ice ‘wing’ – essentially, an overhanging wall of ice. To the left , you will be able to see the snaking north ridge going up to the 7600m campsite, often referred to as Camp 2. From there, on bottled oxygen, most climbers will climb up the nixed rock sections to Camp 3 at 8300m; from which summit attempts are then launched.

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  1. Go for it mate. We are all thinking of you so take good care of yourself OK. The Kiwis need all the shite scrumhalves they can muster for RWC 2011. Wyndows


  2. Derek & Margaret

    Axe .. go for it .. think positive .. you can do it!

    The ‘Little shits’ parents Derek & Margaret


  3. Go for it – thinking of you all the way. All the best.


  4. Good luck up there mate – I remember it well!! Slowly, slowly, one foot after another, v pleased to hear of your approach to HAPE! Something else I remember! Go hard and come home – Deno


  5. Linda McKenzie

    We’re keeping our fingers crossed for you Grant! Have a good and safe climb!


  6. To Axe:

    On the Edge, your lungs went bubbling
    over-the-top, you found yourself struggling

    You could have passed away, from dusk to dust
    But your heart and soul were still having thirst

    So you went down in pain to knowhere with HAPE
    The saddest place and stage for you to be happy

    And here you are, looking up at the highest ground
    Surrounded by doubts you hear a beating sound

    Boom-boom-boom, it’s our hearts getting loud
    Pumping love to you so you can cross the clouds!

    Go for it mate! Smoothly please!


  7. Good stuff Grant, great to hear that your body is playing the game this time. Climb safe all the best


  8. Too much Axe, keep going bro!


  9. Characteristic tenacity. All the best Axe, keep pushing and monitoring.


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