New expedition launch: Rowing Home – Singapore to New Zealand by human power

Things have been a little quiet on the major expedition front for the past one year here at, but there is a very good reason for that.

I have quietly been plotting away my most ambitious project yet. A human powered journey from Singapore to New Zealand, some 12,000km in length. The expedition is called ROWING HOME, and we plan to depart in December 2016 from the shores of sunny Singapore here, using a state of the art ocean rowing boat as the main mode of transport.

The journey will be split into four main legs:

Leg One – a 3,200km row from Singapore down through the Indonesian Archipalego to Timor Island

Leg Two – an 800km row across the Timor Sea from Timor to Darwin

Leg Three– A  4,000km cycle from Darwin across Australia to Sydney

Leg Four – A 2,500km row across the Tasman Sea from Sydney to Taranaki

Route map black and white

This expedition has a budget of S$250,000.  After one year of toil, shedding blood, sweat, tears and countless rejections from potential sponsors…. I finally secured the first half of the funding, S$126,000 worth, which is enough to have our beautiful ocean rowing boat finished (she is built in the UK by Rannoch Adventures), and shipped to Singapore, arriving in January 2016.

The boat will be based at the the beautiful RAFFLES MARINA Yacht club for ten months training, testing and preparations until December 2016 when we plan to depart with the North-East monsoon winds on this ‘never-before-attempted’ journey.



“To attempt a unique, challenging and environmentally friendly expedition through a remote and diverse area of our planet. To document and share the experience in order to educate and promote awareness in our environment. To inspire sustainable exploration and development along with healthy lifestyles.”


Rowing Home Logo

Our logo was designed by a Taranaki man (Mr Cory Bellringer).  You may wonder why a predominantly Ocean Rowing expedition has a mountain in the logo.  This is Mt Taranaki – a beautiful snow capped volcano which I grew up beside in the province or Taranaki, New Zealand. This is the first mountain I ever climbed at age 14.  It was many years later, during a climb of Mt Taranaki in 2014, that I first looked out over the Tasman Sea and came up with the plan to attempt this expedition.  From the mountain the sea looked huge, scary and beautiful, and I felt drawn to it.  Just as I feel drawn to mountains.  Mt Taranaki will be the point we will be aiming for to finish our expedition.  She will be our guide, our beacon to navigate towards as we near New Zealand.  Thus the mountain is a hugely important part of our expedition, hence our logo!

To find more about the ROWING HOME team click here.

To find more about the ROWING HOME sponsors click here.

If you are a school teacher and would like your class to follow this unique expedition please email me at

Have a beautiful week ahead!

Love Axe

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