Rowing Home gets two new team members!

Yesterday was an exciting day for ROWING HOME with two new members joining the team.

Rachel Jacklin Rawlinson and Kate Ngaire Rawlinson arrived one minute apart, twin sisters who came into this brightly lit, confusing world, very startled, with small whails and sporting more hair than their father.  (Middle names chosen after the names of their grandparents – Ngaire and Jack).

It is unsure exactly what position in the ROWING HOME team the pair will take up, however weighing in at 2.345kg and 2.565kg each, I can see enormous potential as lightweight rowing partners.  They definitely  wont be adding a great deal of unnecessary weight to the boat.

Attached below is mother and daughters.

This has definitely been a team effort and a massive thank you to Dr CT Yeong and the team from Mt Alvernia Hospital here in Singapore, as well as the many other people who have supported us on this difficult journey.





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  1. Contratulations, and all the best. I can see many family adventures coming soon, Cheers Ian.

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  2. Hey, big congratulations to the four of you! What lucky girls they will be, growing up with such adventurous parents.


  3. Congratulations to all of you!! Happy parenting!! x



    Many congrats!

    You will have your hands full now!



  5. congratulations to both of you, now you have to look after your big family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  6. Wow! Congratulations Stephanie and Axe. Twin girls, you are soooo lucky!


  7. Huge congratulations. Was waiting for the news – bit like waiting for the summitting news. Hope mother is feeling fine.


  8. Glad to know the girls arrived safely and that Stephanie is doing well. I can see Ngaire and Jack packing their bags soon to pop over and have a cuddle or two!!! Well done Stephanie and congratulations to you both. Now your life really begins!!! Love from us both


  9. Well done Mrs Axe and Mr Axe, now the fun is really going to begin! Congratulations to you both. Here’s wishing you lots of sleep.


  10. Congratulation Mr Grant, yo’re a father now…..


  11. Delighted to see your news. It’s much more exciting than “The Divorce Machine ” or climbing Everest. I always wished for twin girls but instead I got three boys and a girl who have in turn provided me with nine grandchildren, seven boys and two girls. Magical. Congratulations and Good Luck to you both. Kate ( UK )👭


  12. Just seen the news, congratulations to you both and Merry Christmas…

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