Rowing Home training in full swing

Merry December to all! Rowing Home training has been in full swing for two months now.  One of the main things I have realised early on is the importance of learning how to row!  Having spent lots of time on the water facing forward and paddling a sea-kayak, I have found it a very different and challenging experience facing backwards and adapting to the rowing motion.

Rowing a boat is really a full body work-out, using your legs, core and upper body. Because of this you can get more power into each stroke over a more sustained and longer period than you can kayaking (well I can anyway!).  It makes rowing a more efficient and faster way of human powered propulsion over the water.  I have been training at the Pandan Reservoir in light weight, single scull boats for the past two months.  These take some practise getting used to and consequently have seen me having a number of involuntary swims, however I am slowly getting used to them and attached is a short video clip of last weekends training session.



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  1. Singapore is so much more sensible than Hong Kong. Here you are not allowed to do anything in the reservoirs – swim, sail, kayak – nothing.


  2. You’re a bloody legend Axe.


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