The ROWING from HOME to HOME expedition is very fortunate to be supported by the following organisations:

If you are looking for your own idea’s of raising sponsorship please read my post’s on ways to find sponsorship here.



Vilebrequin has always cultivated a spirit of refinement and fantasy, staying true to the casual charm the house was founded on in St-Tropez over 40 years ago. Perfectly tailored and always in style, Vilebrequin swimsuits have been a natural choice for generations of fathers and sons. Today, Vilebrequin continues to celebrate the art of living in the sun with swimwear, ready-to-wear and accessories, always with the same ambition: making summer last all year long.

Axe will be the world’s best dressed ocean rower! Proudly wearing Vilebrequin’s beautiful apparel before, during and after the row.

John FoordJOHN FOORD is the only multi-national specialist industrial valuers and appraisers offering a complete and comprehensive commercial service globally. JOHN FOORD has partnered with Axe for the previous four years as a sponsor and Naming Rights Sponsor for his 2 Everest Expeditions, and is ‘onboard’ again for Rowing Home.

SC_LOGO_2C_RGBSEMBCORP is a global company, a leader in their industry sectors by responsibly operating and excelling in sustainable businesses that support development, improve the quality of life and deliver long-term value and growth.  SEMBCORP leverages their group strength and sector expertise to deliver essential solutions that enable them to do their business better or improve the quality of life.

SWORKE LogoSWORKE is a Singaporean, born and bred manufacturer of expedition eyewear. With more than 20 years of occupational safety optics, protecting eyes at work, in the roughest of conditions, SWORKE has teamed with Axe for the past four years as his official Expedition eyewear supplier.

Raffles Marina

Raffles Marina is a first class, full service boating haven with the trappings of a prestigious country club and all pleasures of a quality resort. Based on the west coast of Singapore Raffles Marina is the adopted base for the ROWING HOME team and they will berth their vessel here for the ten months of training and preparation leading to departure.


Valeport designs and manufactures instrumentation for the oceanographic,hydrometric and hydrographic markets, with a worldwide customer base that includes the environmental, military, oil & gas, renewable, construction, dredging and civil engineering sectors. Valeport is a proud sponsor of the ROWING HOME team.


SIMRAD manufacturers a marine electronics range covering recreational vessels of all sizes, from small runabouts and Sportfishing vessels up to luxury cruisers and superyachts. The Simrad Professional Series offers equipment for search and rescue/patrol boats, work boats, commercial fishing boats, passenger vessels, super yachts and short sea/cargo vessels.  SIMRAD is the supplier of critical navigation and autopilot equipment to the ROWING HOME expedition.


Ludovic_Logo Web-01

Ludovic Asia is run by Ludovic Tendron.  Based in Bangkok, Ludovic specializes in Business Development, Partnerships and Strategic Negotiations.  He has been instrumental supporting the expedition with forming strategic partnerships with sponsors and ocean plastic pollution causes.

Motto: “Making Deals That Make a Difference”


RIDGZTOP™ is a product born and bred in Taranaki, New Zealand and is a ridge insert that stops birds and pests such as mice, rats, and snakes from entering your building, by blocking the gaps in the ridges of your cladding.  ​The inserts also help to reduce those unwanted draughts.

The team from RIDGZTOP™ provide storage facilities for Simpson’s Donkey.

Can traders logo

CAN TRADERS & SERVICES PTE LTD, based in Singapore have been engaged in the sales and services of major marine communications & navigation equipment since 1981.  Specializing in the world’s best marine navigation and communications equipment and systems, including satellite broadband, satellite TV antennae, Fleet Tracking and CCTV systems, Can Traders are the SIMRAD agent in Singapore and have installed and supported the electronics package on Simpson’s Donkey Rowing boat.


Navionics is a leader in the supply of electronic charting for the ease and safety of navigation.  Navionics kindly supplies the background digital charts which are installed on the SIMRAD GO7 chartplotters which the Rowing from Home to Home team use on the boat.


UFIT is Singapore’s leading independent fitness provider in Singapore and offers physical training services to the Rowing from Home to Home team.


Meteorological Services Sponsors

Predict Wind

PredictWind combines sophisticated wind weather prediction technology with local topography maps to create the highest resolution marine forecast available for over 20,000 locations around the world. PredictWind will be supplying their state of the art weather forecasting information to the ROWING HOME team, both onboard the vessel and to the project management team.


BW geohydromatics is an Indonesian based enterprise specializing in delivering meteorological and oceanographic (metocean) information and knowledge with specific emphasis in the Indonesian water and the South East Asian region. BWgeohydromatics supports the first leg of the expedition from Singapore to Darwin – with daily weather forecasts, covering wind, current, precipitation and cyclone warnings!

Nutritional Sponsors

SujonNewLogo280x100 (1).jpg

Sujon is a New Zealand’s favourite berry company! Based in Nelson they supply Axe with beautiful nutrient rich blackcurrant berry powder, full of vitamin C and other nutrients that support his recovery.


The Frezzor movement is run by global citizen Noel Turner. Kiwi by birth, American and European by choice… Noel lives a life of integrity. He’s authentic, enduring, compelling, relentless, and dedicated to perfection.  The Story of FREZZOR and Noel Turner’s life story are tightly aligned. They are inseparable: his philosophy, passion, values, integrity, and beliefs are woven into the fabric of FREZZOR.  Noel and Frezzor support the Rowing from Home to Home team with beautiful, pure and clean nutritional supplements to keep them healthy throughout the expedition.


New Zealand Jerky has kindly sponsored the expedition delicious grass-fed whole muscle, top round beef jerky.  This jerky is pure gold and is sliced not too thinly to create a moist, supple texture, to boldly deliver a taste of New Zealand in every bite.  The free-range farming practices in the nutrient-rich environment of New Zealand produce an incomparable, high-quality meat that is less fatty, and higher in omega-3 fatty acids than conventional beef in three deliciously smoky and savory flavors; Original, Teriyaki and Peppered,

Tailwind Endurance Fuel combines complete fuel, hydration, and electrolytes in a tasty drink that won’t turn your stomach into a brick.  Tailwind is supporting the team with electrolyte drinks for the Singapore to Darwin stage, thanks Tailwind!


Rabbit Carrot Gun is a casual dining restaurant with boutique accommodation.. Next door you’ll find their intimate sister bar, The Trenchard Arms, located on the corner of East Coast & Ceylon Roads.The atmosphere is relaxed & informal, offering guests excellent British & International fayre created from quality ingredients.  Rabbit Carrot Gun kindly sponsored the expedition with food rations for the Singapore to Darwin leg and also hosted our farewell party! Thanks guys!

Communication sponsors


Addvalue Technologies, established in Singapore since 1994, is a leading one-stop digital, wireless and broadband communications technology products innovator, which provides state-of-the-art satellite-based communication terminals and solutions for a variety of voice and IP-based data applications.  Addvalue has kindly sponsored the Wideye™ iFleetONE™ terminal to the expedition to communicate from any position along the route.


Network Innovations is a satellite communications integrator, providing solutions that enable customers to communicate anywhere on the planet. Network Innovations has set-up and integrated the satellite communications system for the team, including Satellite telephone, email services and sim cards, including satellite airtime!


GT Maritime specialise in providing solutions and services that help ensure vessel compliance and business operability 365 days a year, as well as keeping crew in touch with friends and family whilst at sea.  GT Maritime have supplied the expedition with the email system on board Simpson’s Donkey  – to carefully monitor incoming and outgoing emails and ensure we are always able to receive and send critical information.


Getac manufacturers rugged computers down to the chassis themselves.  Getac have kindly supported the expedition with the B300 fully rugged laptop computer.  Designed to operate in extreme conditions, the B300 will surely be put to the test during the 12 months of the Rowing from Home to Home expedition!

Marcom Watson

Marcom Watson is an Australian company formed in Tasmania in 1965 to provide product support services to commercial and professional users of radio communications and marine electronics.  Marcom Watson have supplied the SPOT TRACE tracking system to track the position of Simpson’s Donkey 24 hours/day.

Clothing Sponsor


The Sharkskin brand (originally ‘Adventure Extreme’) was founded in Australia by the owners of Neptune-Sports to address the need for divers to stay warm during and after a dive.   With a focus on quality and embracing the latest fabric technologies and design ideas available, the makers of Sharkskin are committed to providing a technically superior range designed to become an indispensable part of any enjoyable active water sports experience or activity.  Axe wears Sharkskin clothing exclusively on his colder water southern Tasman attempts and it has literally been his ‘life saver’.

logoSimply Oarsome is Australia’s premier rowing apparel supplier, having been manufacturing quality rowing garments in Australia since 1989.  Simply Oarsome provide the Rowing from Home to Home team with beautiful and super comfortable rowing attire for the expedition.

Rowing Handles


Oarsome grips produce rowing handles for our oars which protect our hands.  These grips are so comfortable to use, they are shock absorbing, anti bacterial and highly durable.  We like them so much we have used them on all three sets of our oars!

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