Peak to Peak 2015 – The movie – climbing the Dragon Horns

Instead of a lengthy blog post,  I created this short video of the awesome adventure we finished last week – Peak to Peak 2015 the  movie – ENJOY!

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  1. Wow I’m in awe! Amazing Axe, I held my breathe watching you “sleep” on the ledge!


  2. Wow guys, the climbing was a lot harder and exposed than I imagined. Great effort to get the far and hopefully knock it off next time! Well done and nice video! Ada


  3. Great video and climb!! Merry


  4. Enjoyed watching the video and great effort from you both well done..looking forward to next time and must admit the ledge was a little scary! Still tough to get that far…Congratulations..Greetings from UK…☺️


  5. Hi Grant, thanks for your reply, yes things are fine here, just have not been in touch as I lost my way a little on the Internet..and sorry I missed you when you visited the UK on that amazing bike tour…hope to meet you here one day when you visit again…Best wishes and stay safe…❤️


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