Inspiring People

Welcome to this section on Inspiring People!  Here I interview people who are doing inspiring things.  Not ‘inspiring’ in terms of making billions of dollars from raping the planet and the earth’s resources, but tales from ordinary people who get out and make positive change, who send positive messages through the way they live their lives.  We all have a part to play in our future.  I am very excited to share these stories with you and if at least one of them can touch and inspire you to make positive changes then I will be very happy!


Sandy Robson - Germany to Australia by sea kayak

Sandy Robson – Germany to Australia by sea kayak

Terence Tay - Singapore's solo motorcycle nomad

Terence Tay – Singapore’s solo motorcycle nomad


Aland and I with Maxc - the friendly Frenchman who allowed us to sleep in a tent in his garden when all accomodation was booked out.

Max Maximeflon – why you should let complete strangers into your own house


Dave and Cate enjoying an early Sunday morning run together

Dave Field – losing weight one mile at a time every day for one year

Ria Tan - saving Singapore's shoreline

Ria Tan – saving Singapore’s shoreline

Andrew Glass: Human power from Singapore to Pulau Tengah

Andrew Glass – human powered adventurer, Singapore to Pulau Tengah

Margaret Watroba - Superwoman of Everest

Margaret Watroba – Superwoman of Everest

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