Crossing the Java Sea was the most difficult challenge we’ve faced to date, and to arrive at an island which is not much more than a dot in the middle of it is an achievement we are very proud of, so we have a lot to be thankful for! Especially since this island, Pulau Bawean is one of those untouched gems that everyone should visit.

From the beautiful blue sea surrounding it to the deep green jungles and bright green rice fields that fill it, this place is something to behold. But most of all, in our three days resting here before the next leg of the Rowing from Home to Home expedition, the thing which had struck us most is the beautiful, friendly locals who have made us feel so welcome and have opened their arms to us.

Everywhere we have gone while we are here people have stopped to smile and wave and say hello or ask for a selfie. So it has been a very gratifying experience. One of the great things about this expedition is that it is taking us to places far off the usual tourist trail where most people never visit- and we are truly enriched for the experience. So if you’re looking for somewhere different to visit in Indonesia, we truly want to say- check out Bawean!! Like us, we promise, you won’t regret it!

What’s more, if you do decide to come here, give our friendly guide a call- his name is ARI WIBOWO (pictured in the blue shirt!) and he has been an absolute star for us helping us get around, showing us the sights and making sure we are as well fed as the locals! (His number is 081230857152 and you won’t regret either visiting Bawean or getting in touch with him to help you do it!). To get here, take a flight to Surabaya, then catch a taxi to Gresik where you can catch a ferry every second day to Bawean with the Bahari Express Ferry (every other day they come back from the island).

Anyway- that’s the end of the plug for Bawean (our way of saying thank you to our amazing hosts!) – now it’s time to get back aboard Simpson’s Donkey and tackle the approach to Bali… Stay tuned because this ain’t gonna be as simple as it looks!

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  1. Grateful that you’ve reached Pulau Bawean! It sounds like an amazing place. Keep going Axe and Charlie!

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  2. Really enjoying the trip. Stay safe. Cheers Kate

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  3. Looks gorgeous. Hope you had a lovely three days resting and are ready for the next leg. Enjoy. The Shortys xxx

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