Simpson’s Donkey has made it safely to Pulau Bawean!

805 nautical miles from Singapore; Axe and Charlie have made it safely to the little island in the middle of the  Java Sea and once again had a very special welcome from the locals! The guys are in great spirits and still in one piece!

Pulau Bawean is an island dominated by an extinct volcano, Gunung Tinggi, with its centre rising 655m above sea level, this sleeping giant has provided a spectacular scenery and has been a very welcome change from endless miles of ocean!

Once the guys have had a well deserved rest and a decent sleep, before boarding Simpson’s Donkey and make an attempt to get to Bali – a challenge in itself with the monsoon currents and definitely not a forgone conclusion that they can make it.

Stay tuned for more updates but in the meantime check out some snaps from their arrival to Pulau Bawean!

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  1. Well done, guys. Hope you get to enjoy solid ground for a while before you embark on the next leg.


  2. Really,really enjoying your trip and the excitement waiting for each posting is wearing me out. Being from the UK I don’t often get much further south to the islands but I have been to Bali, many moons ago before the island became a tourist destination. This is quite a long haul so looking forward to your arrival. Cheers Kate ps it’s seems a long time since we went up Everest together. I do enjoy your expeditions Axe. Do you know where we are going next or is that a little premature at this stage of affairs.!!!


  3. Douglas Earl Lindsay

    Hi Guys, We are really enjoying following your challenge. Safe arrival in Bali.We live in New Zealand,Have travelled from Singapore on a container ship no comparison to you two brave men. Good luck


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