So as we left Bawean yesterday morning in the rain after a short 3-day break on the island, there was a certain edge to the mood aboard Simpson’s donkey… Because even if this 3rd leg from Bawean to Bali is the shortest by a long way… And even if we are full of confidence after proving our mental strength by crossing the Java Sea… Getting to Bali from here is the first time we’re going to encounter the massive Indonesian Through Flow Currents that have the potential to stop this exhibition in its tracks…. And if that isn’t enough, the winds are still blowing across us instead of behind us like they’re supposed to be at this time of year… So yes- it’s our shortest leg. But no- it’s certainly not going to be the easiest… Stay tuned and we’ll do our best to keep you up to date with the progress- in the meantime, check out our position at http://tinyurl.com/gnpobs8


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  1. Really enjoying your journal. When we were in Taranaki last week riding our bikes through the beautiful country side your brother stopped and introduced himself and hold us about you and how too follow your amazing journey. Have fun and take care. Sue and Brian Brown


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