Sea, salt and sex pegs!!!

Happy Monday morning folks – here in Singapore we are looking forward to Chinese New Year and a shortened work week ahead.  I celebrated the upcoming year of the goat (click here to read more about Chinese Zodiac signs) with a beautiful 24km paddle around an Island at the weekend – along with a friendly Singapore chap and two barking mad Australians.  We were lucky enough to see some beautiful wildlife, which got the Aussy’s especially excited – squealing in delight at the ‘sex pegs’ they saw running down the beach. (Literal translation “six pigs”).  Enjoy the short video made with my brand new GOPRO.

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  1. Good to see you with hat and glasses on Axe even on an overcast day you never to keep the glare off your eyes. Loved the wildlife so cute!



  2. Yes, 5 hours on the water without a hat and sunglasses would be hard work Lisa 🙂


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