Peak to Peak 2014 – Summit of the UK to the summit of France by our own human power!

I enjoyed Peak to Peak 2013  so much (the first ever human-powered traverse from the summit of Mt Ruapehu to the summit of Mt Cook in New Zealand) that it inspired me to do two things:

1)  Write a book about the trip – this is currently undergoing the last round of editing and will be published shortly.

2)  Repeat the expedition, with a slight twist.  This time, it won’t be in New Zealand, and it won’t be between two islands in the same country, but between the UK and France.

Peak to Peak 2014 will involve Alan Silva and I making the following journey:

–  Climbing the finest alpine route in all of Scotland & the UK – the tower ridge of Ben Nevis (1,344 m elevation)

–  Over 2000 km of road cycling through four countries (Scotland, England, France and Switzerland).

–  a 30+km sea-kayak crossing of the English Channel

–  Ending with a complete traverse of Mt Blanc – the tallest mountain in France and Western Europe (4,810 m elevation)


Ben Nevis, the highest point in the UK at 1344m above sea-level and our official starting point for Peak to Peak 2014 (Photo source:

Ben Nevis, the highest point in the UK at 1344m above sea-level and our official starting point for Peak to Peak 2014 (Photo source:


As with Peak to Peak 2013, we will be travelling with as little support as practically possible and on a shoe string budget, fitting the entire expedition into our annual leave constraints.

We will be starting our expedition on the 16 August and hopefully ending on September 10.

You can follow our progress in realtime from the comfort of your home on the GPS SPOT TRACKER.  And if anyone would like to join us for an hour or two’s cycling along the way then we would love your company – you can easily track us down by following our position on the GPS SPOT TRACKER.

The map below shows our approximate route, and if anyone lives on the route or close to it, then please do shout out as we are very happy to have a place to stop by for cuppa or even a bed for the night if your hospitality permits.

Our expedition starts officially in the 15 August and will hopefully end by September 10.

We will be posting daily updates and also short video blogs so we hope you will enjoy following along.

I would like to thank UFIT for supporting physical conditioning and SWORKE for supporting the expedition eyewear.

Off belay!


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  1. Awesome plan, Axe! Good luck!

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  2. Thanks Mila the dealer! Hope the boxing is going well 🙂


  3. Axe, you exhaust me! Maybe something to do with my 71 years but as you know I still want to have my third crack at Mont Blanc. Have to postpone to next year as house renovations are getting in the way this year unfortunately otherwise we could have met up on the ‘White Bitch’ as I now call her! Will be following your progress as usual. Have a great adventure, mate!


  4. Sorry you won’t be passing our part of Yorkshire and back problem preventing me from traveling. I am still an avid follower of all things named Axe.I will enjoy following you on your Peak to Peak and wish you both success. The channel crossing seems a little scary with it being such a busy water way. Good Luck Cheers Kate


  5. Get some cool new shots for my screensaver!!! ☺ L


  6. Good luck Grant. Not long to go now before your next adventure. 🚲

    Date: Thu, 31 Jul 2014 05:17:59 +0000


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