23 May: Happy Axe from basecamp

Hello all. I am very happy to report I am sitting comfortably in basecamp at 5200m, enjoying the luxuries of thicker oxygen, a hot shower coming up this afternoon (no need to rush into these things), and I even indulged in a beer or three last night with our Sherpa crew.

I downloaded my emails this morning, and was completeley blown away by the literally hundreds of messages from people from all over the world. From family and friends I know very well to people I have never met personally before, it actually bought tears to my eye’s to see how much support and positive energy that was being sent my way. It is no wonder I felt so strong on the mountain.

I am in the process of writing my blog on the summit climb. I hope to be able to post this by tomorrow. It’s a sad time here on Everest this year, with at least 6 deaths in the last few days. The total death toll now stands at 11 for the season and there will be more deaths in the next few days as the second summit window comes and the remaining teams make a dash for the top. I definitely am relieved to have got up and down quickly and safely.

In the meantime if you are wondering what the view from the top of the world is like – see the attached photo.

Thanks again for your wonderful support and messages, and a HUGE thanks to Mr David Lim for making the insightful blog updates over the course of the expedition.

Axe out from Everest Basecamp

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  1. flor agalliu

    my man! thank you axe! thank you for your indomitable spirit, thank you for your passion, thank you for your love for this world we live in. thank you for reminding us all how important it is to have dreams in life, and most importantly, how nice it is to share your dream with all. there. i said it. 🙂 i,m also happy to be the first to salute you this time. looking forward to hearing more from you. love from tirana, ALBANIA, flor agalliu


  2. Hey Grant,

    Really proud of you, but especially glad you not only made it to the top, but also back down on your own two feet. Looking forward to buying you a beer or three.

    Now go and have a shower!



  3. That picture says it all Axe……sensational


  4. Axe

    Awesome achievement and have thoroughly enjoyed ‘living’ the expoerience with you via your blogs.

    Your concerns about getting caught in the logjam up on th emountain were certainly well founded and am glad you have made it back safely.

    Hopefully you can now take up more mundane sports like crocodile wrestling!

    Peter + Mijin


  5. …and Mrs King agrees with Mr King.

    The view from the top of the world is fabulous. What a glorious day!

    (You don’t have to do it today, but I bet a shave is in order too!)


  6. A super human effort over the last 2 years to reach the summit. A true Kiwi battler!

    Well done mate!!


  7. Axe, hearty congratulations on your achievement. Your dedication in preparing for the second attempt, not to say the bravery involved after your experience last year, are truly inspiring. the respect and awe you have for the mountain is obvious and it is great to see a true lover of mountaineering getting what he deserves. look forward to catching up when you get back to SIngapore.


  8. Chris McDuff

    my hero!!


  9. You are the man Grant! I am so glad you finally got to fulfil your dream of getting to top and back down again


    Love the picture, and good picture of you are the altitude junkies web site to.


    Brad and Kate


  10. Boy! after seeing that photo from the summit, I’m going to be pumping you for lots of tips –not only on what to do and not to do on the climb but how an old fart can raise the funds (sponsorships) in order to be the oldest Aussie to climb her skirts in order to peer down her cleavage! I can only imagine how good you must feel and even better after that shower. It was truly a magnificent adventure for you AND no doubt for all who were with you physically and via the relays. More pics when you can. Again, Axe — U da man! CONGRATULATIONS!!!


  11. rachael adams

    fab pic, well done to you, and a huge sigh of relief also. CONGRATULATIONS to an awesome job well done.


  12. Greg and Yoke

    Mate – we are looking forward to the book – it will certainly be a best seller!!! Just tie 2011/12 blogs together – there you have it! Sensational! – See you soon


  13. Kate (Isadora) Smith

    Followed you step by step. The photo is great. What I really respect you for is the way you treat your followers. You make us feel really special and that we are important to you on your expeditions. Acknowledging people’s comments is time consuming for you but it makes us feel special, hence we come back for more. Thank you so much on behalf of us all. Cheers Kate


    • Hi Kate, thanks for your nice words, I have not been able to reply to all the comments lately unfortunately. You have been a wonderful follower and I really enjoy reading your comments. And don’t worry, axe will be having more adventures in the future, you just have to watch this space! Cheers for now!


  14. Axe, hit the showers, think I can smell you from here!
    Congrats on the successful summit looking forward to reading of your experience.


  15. Congratulations – what an achievement. Looking forwad to next phase of the blog. Been fascinating so far.

    Take care and maybe see you in NYC sometime soon

    The Shortys xxx


  16. Matthew Parsons

    Fantastic stuff Axe, congratulations. It’s been a thrilling couple of years following you. The family and I are moving back to Singapore in a few months, looking forward to hearing some stories first hand. Cheers.


  17. What is all that stuff on the summit? Junk? Prayer flags? Combination of both? Not corpses I hope!


  18. What an adventure! How do you top it?


  19. Congratulations, Grant! Brilliant effort and thank you for such entertaining and exciting blogs….your writing is so vivid that I feel like I have actually taken on that mother of a mountain too!!!!!! Look forward to hearing all about the climb and what it was like on top of the world! Well done…your determination and passion is an inspiration to us all! Rach


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