Grant Rawlinson on the Summit of Everest

Since Grant may have problems accessing this photo taken by someone on Phile Crampton’s team, I have posted it here with Grant in his “he-man” pose.

Grant on the Top of the World, May 19, 2012

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  1. rachael adams

    AWESOME !!!!!!


  2. Axe!! How long were you up the top for? Just a few minutes with all the traffic, etc? Looks like a pearler of a day up there… much room?


  3. flor agalliu

    a kiwi on top of the world, again, hahahahhaaa, they say kiwis have lotsa vitamins, like:

    Vitamin A: adventure
    Vitamin B1: bravery
    Vitamin C: commitment
    Vitamin D: determination
    Vitamin E: empathy
    Vitamin K: knowledge

    and to finish off this kiwi over here has also lotsa of Vitamin B complex. He has been blessed by the Mountain GODS.

    enjoy brother! you deserve it!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. Such an awesome memory to have Grant. Well done, we are all so proud of you. Paul wondered where the one was of you standing on your head was??


  5. Sean Fitzpatrick

    Grant congratulations again and enjoy that beer. I hope it is Steinlager!!
    Fitzpatrick family.


  6. well done Grant,what an amazing achievement.


  7. Well done Grant amazing..!!!!


  8. Kate (Isadora) Smith

    What a wonderful photo to have for the rest of your life. You won’t have to look at that North Ridge in the same way again.I agree with your sister, what about your head stand was it a wee bit tricky in all that gear? You see I told you earlier you really keep your followers so well informed.Along with the rest of your followers you have taken me up Everest and safely down again.I can’t say thank you and congratulations enough times. Cheers Kate


  9. Harry King aged 10 and Charlie King aged 7

    Harry: I am just amazed. Speechless
    Charlie: Yes, I wanted to see a picture of him standing on his head too


  10. Good to see you Axe standing there as ‘he man’ well what am I going to do now? It will be quite boring to not follow your blogs and adventure now. Think I will try standing on my head with a beer! Hope you enjoyed that wash!!!! Not smelly anymore! Love Mica.


  11. Marcus Castle

    Massive congratulations Axe, what a stunning achievement! Have been following your blog, I’m a friend of Tom Sarginson who put me onto your blog after me and my fiancé stayed with him on a recent trip to KL. We climbed Mt Kilimanjaro in December and the altitude there nearly killed us so I can only start to imagine what it must have been like to climb Everest! What an achievement!! Again, congratulations!!

    Marcus Castle, UK


  12. Hi Grant from Room 5, St Joseph’s,Stratford. The children have a few questions for you.1. How you do swap the empty oxygen bottle for a full one when you are up so high? 2. What was all the brightly-coloured stuff in the foreground of the photo of the view from the top of Everest? 3. When do you think you will be visiting New Zealand next?
    Hi Grant from Carol-I met up your mother last night after a gap of many years. Your Mum was working in the office of Stratford High when I was doing relieving there and your dad and I were on Parents’ Assn of St Mary’s School many moons ago.


    • Hi Carol and the kids from room 5. These are very good questions. Basically the oxygen bottle has a screw top attachment. So when one bottle is empty I unscrew it and screw on another one. The brightly colored stuff in the photo are prayer flags. Tibetan prayer flags which have significance for Budhist people. I will be in NZ within the next few months, I will let you know when ok!

      Carol – lovely to hear you met my Mum and know her, small world!


  13. The picture is wonderful. Congratulations for reaching the top of the world!!


  14. Well done Grant!!! An oustanding achievement that you can well be proud of. The photo is fantastic.

    Cheers Millsy.


  15. Grant – you’re so famous now, I can;t climb iwth your for the dazzling lights and halos in my eyes ;-P Gonna miss you on this year’s climb…. 😦


  16. Well done Grant, a long way from Matau to the top of the planet. All the best and look forward to the book?
    Rod Smillie


  17. Linda Mckenzie

    All Boo could say was, “Whoah!” and that my dear Granty, sums it all up!


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