Latest News! Grant back at Basecamp

Hi Everyone, just got a call from Grant, who just pulled in about 1215pm Nepal time or 230pm Singapore time. He called me just 2  minutes after getting into basecamp Rongbuk. He’s sitting in the mess tent smelling like a yak’s armpit. He says he smells so bad he can smell himself around the corner.

Anyway, he will be chugging down a Lhasa Beer before heading off to wash his nether regions and be a civilised chap once again. He was feeling strong on the way down (in comparison to his ill-fated 2011 climb), but was talking slurred, like someone who’s already had a few beers!

The mood amongst the expedition climbers is a little sombre what with a few more deaths on Everest in recent days.

Now is just the waiting game for the Chinese mountaineering association people to organise some yaks, jeeps so the team can pull out of baseamp and head back to Kathmandu.

You will probably get a full account of the summit climb in a day or two once Grant gets around to cranking up the laptop




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  1. enjoy your very well desreved beer ot two Grant, but suggest get a shower before the rest of them arrive! 🙂 You are a true champ!


  2. flor agalliu

    I love the smell of yak in the morning. It smells like… victory!


  3. It was indeed a wonderful piece of nice Yakky smell .. and felt extremely relieved that you Grant has been taking it really good. Have a good deserving Rest.. 🙂


  4. Linda Mckenzie

    Got a call from Ivan’s mom checking to see if you were alright… having read about the fatalities this year. She’s relieved you’re fine, as are we back here in Singapore! Proud of you man! On a cheery note… read David’s update, in particular the smelling bit… Must admit it brought me back to drives in your car….


  5. Joshua Bates

    Fantastic to hear Grants nether regions are still in one piece.


  6. Kate (Isadora) Smith

    Delighted to hear Grant is back at base camp. He can now use the wonderful shower he took time out to show us all how it worked. I look forward to hearing about the full saga. In my book he is still a”top bloke”Cheers Kate S


  7. Way too much information, but glad Grant is back at BC, considering the loss of lives on the mountain over the weekend.


  8. Axe, good to hear you are safe back at base camp. Just read in todays papers about the deaths descending on the south-east ridge due to altitude sickness. This sounds horrible really nasty and my thoughts are with the people that died and their families. This sickness sounds frightening that it can kill strong men.Axe enjoy your wash have a good drink and one for me and best wishes and congratulations! Love Mica.


  9. suzie and tony price

    hi grant so happy that you made it to the top of everest you must be on such a high.looking forward to seeing you one day when you are back in the naki.have really enjoyed your journey home. all the best suzie and tony


  10. Kate (Isadora) Smith

    On reading other blogs it sounds to me that you played it just right. There is never a time on Everest for mistakes and you played a blinder. A well thought out mission brought you success with a wonderful ending. I hope now you can rest a little, enjoy your success and get yourself back home to your waiting family. Give my best wishes to Debs and as one housebound creature to another I send her warm wishes and a good recovery. Cheers Kate S


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