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Latest News! Grant back at Basecamp

Hi Everyone, just got a call from Grant, who just pulled in about 1215pm Nepal time or 230pm Singapore time. He called me just 2  minutes after getting into basecamp Rongbuk. He’s sitting in the mess tent smelling like a yak’s armpit. He says he smells so bad he can smell himself around the corner.

Anyway, he will be chugging down a Lhasa Beer before heading off to wash his nether regions and be a civilised chap once again. He was feeling strong on the way down (in comparison to his ill-fated 2011 climb), but was talking slurred, like someone who’s already had a few beers!

The mood amongst the expedition climbers is a little sombre what with a few more deaths on Everest in recent days.

Now is just the waiting game for the Chinese mountaineering association people to organise some yaks, jeeps so the team can pull out of baseamp and head back to Kathmandu.

You will probably get a full account of the summit climb in a day or two once Grant gets around to cranking up the laptop




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