Saturday May 4-5th – BC – ABC

( update by SMS via David Lim)

Made in from BC to ABC in one day ( Friday) ! Knackering hike over 8 hours. Rest day today. Wind has stopped but snowing all day lightly. Tomorrow – we will aim to tag North Col. Poor sleep at ABC last night. Other then that, I  feel good!

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  1. Hi Grant,
    Great news to hear that you are feeling good. Thinking of you all the way and every success.


  2. Nicola, Shorty

    Hope the sleeping gets better. Thinking of you.
    Nicola and Shorty xxx


  3. Chris Reynolds

    Keep going Axe know you will do it this time


  4. Kate (Isadora) Smith

    I too am having difficulty with signals which comes with living in the countryside.Things seem to be looking up a little but sad that some teams have packed up and left I am just about to read David’s advice. It sounds sounds as though you are carring on bravely.Whatever, make good decisions, don’t be too brave!


    • Hello again Kate, hope you are well in Yorkshire. Its better to pack up and come again when the mountain is in condition than battle on putting people in danger who are paid wages to be there correct? The North side feels good so far this year, its just the south side who are in the pickle! Speak soon, Axe


  5. flor agalliu

    show that north col who’s the boss!!! go axe!


    • Hello Flor, I met your Albanian team leader who knows you. I took a photo with him and will send to you if you let me know your email. He sends his regards and I passed him yours. He was a little unwell with an upset stomach although am sure will recover soon.


  6. flor agalliu

    Thanks axe. I checked the pics out last night. But, i must say, George looks a little dried out, or maybe its just the beard. Hope he gets better. But, you man, you look sharp. WOW. RESPECT! It looks like you took some pictures on your Saturday climb, hahahhaa.


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