May 6th – Round Two – to the North Col

( via satellite telephone from Grant)

Hot Off the Phone!

Got a call from ‘da man’ just 10 minutes ago. They took about 5 1/2 hours from ABC to the North Col. A fine morning, leaving their tents at 8am and reaching the Col at about 120pm.  NO wind, but the afternoon overcast weather has come back again. Feeling tired but no drama. The plan is to return and sleep at ABC tonight making it 3 nights in total at ABC. Tomorrow – rest at ABC or bomb back down to BC. Grant is presently about in the middling of his group in terms of speed and performance on the mountain. Some thoughts:

” This isn’t a climb. It’s a battle” – Grant Rawlinson

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  1. Fantastic effort Axe. Appreciate it is always going to be a battle but are you seeing the benefits of acclimitization? Amazing what you’re doing

    Can you tell us a bit more about you’re group please?

    Love getting these notifications!



  2. Keep battling Grant, awesome work bro!!


  3. Yes but you can do it!! keep going!


  4. I know the feeling Grant. Keep going, you are doing well.


  5. Go well matey. Thoughts are with you!


  6. Kate (Isadora) Smith

    Well done Axe you are giving us all confidence that you can do this and you deserve success. Like you I wake up wondering what will today bring after all it’s a hobby not a sentence so enjoy and stay safe. Cheers Kate


  7. Chalk up the battles and the war shall be won, Axe! What you are up against right now I can well imagine. Was chatting to a coterie of friends at the pub last night telling them of your magnificent quest and gobs were smacked open asking for more. We clinked our glass to your continuing efforts and eventual success! We’ll get REALLY pissed
    when your standing on top!! Ciao, Ray


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