Apr 23 Update from ABC

( by SMS to David Lim)

Today has been a rest day here at ABC. Reading Hillary Clinton’s book. ripped it in half to share with Margaret. People can’t sleep well owing to the jump in altitude. Windy.. Some sherpas are resting too – even they suffer from headaches. 2nd death reported from the south side. There may be more deaths. Pretty crowded over there.

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  1. Chris Reynolds

    Keep safe Axe


  2. Axe-man, grand receving your updates… popping pills and chilling out…a bit like home already! Safe adventuring pal.


  3. by the river dark i wandered on
    i lived my life in babylon

    and i did forget my holy song
    and i had no strength in babylon

    by the rivers dark where i could not see
    who was waiting there who was hunting me…

    … and he gave the wind my wedding ring
    and he circled us with everything…

    … by the rivers dark where it all goes on
    by the rivers dark in babylon…

    “Leonard Cohen: By the rivers dark”


  4. Kate (Isadora) Smith

    Still enjoying blogs and look forward to up dates.I also like the poem above by Cohen


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