April 25th update – Tooling around at ABC

( by SMS vis David)

My plan is to spend one more day here at ABC and then wander back for a rest before the 2nd cycle. On the 26th, we’ll wander up part of the way towards North Col ( 7000m) and then bomb back to basecamp – long walk – but all downhill.. Still popping ibuprofen and drinking like a fish. – Which tells me my body is acclimatising. Hope all is well in Singapore.

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  1. Good to hear Grant! When I read that you were reading Hillary Clinton’s book, I have to confess you had me worried. Just kidding. Heh!


  2. Just a gentle wander to 7000m! You make it sound easy. I think 30°C in Singapore & 150m would be a better option for the rest of us. Full support from us at NIWA in NZ. Have an easy stroll to the summit and an even easier run home


  3. keep up the spirit!!!
    and if you can, please learn something about the albanian team. its their first try, ever, and i guess they must feel the pressure. let them know there’s no rush, and we have total faith they’ll make the best choices.


  4. Kate (Isadora) Smith

    Seems a long time since I read your first blog, quite a lot of things have happened since then.Fortunately it appears to have been fairly uneventful at CBC, let’s hope it stays that way. Stay safe. Cheers Kate


  5. Glad to hear you’re acclimatising well, Grant! Michelle


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