April 22 update – Advance basecamp reached!

( via SMS to David Lim)


Arrived at ABC in 6 hours today – completely knackered (David;s note: ABC is at 6500m, and a 21km hike from basecamp; and about 10 km from IC).  Been resting in my tent popping ibuprofen for my nice headcahe. Pee bottle is frozen. It’s cold. Hope to feel better tomorrow after some rest. Resting pulse is 80. I am slow at acclimatising over 6000m. The fixed roped from the bottom of North Col have been fixed to 7900m ( David’s note: This is just above C3; and at the top of the north ridge. From here, the route swing northeast onto the broad slopes heading to the 8300m summit camp)

Next few days look windy up high..

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  1. Nice work Axe! Sounds like you’re hanging in well, keep it up!! You’ll be back down at BC and in the rich air there soon enough!


  2. Great to hear you made it to ABC. Hope you’re feeling better after some rest. Take care.


  3. that was a mighty walk! keep it up guys it only gets better! Wish you all best health and best weather.



  4. Axe,
    All going well, whats the general plan, length of time:number of trips acclimatising, summit attempt window approximately (dates)? Interested to know.
    Greg and Yoke

    Hope the pea bottles plastic… if not don’t touch the sides!


    • Hello Greg and Yoke. I def use a plastic pee bottle :). As for the plan its play it by ear sorry!You will have to wait and see just like me here on the mountain. Everything is dependent on the weather and the conditions.


  5. Bevan Marshall

    Nice one Grant. Keep it going fella. The Marshall family in Sydney are right behind you.

    All the best
    Bevan, Sarah, Archie and Lulu


  6. keep it up axe! best of luck to all climbers!!!


  7. G’Day up there, Axe! With new grandchildren and many trips up and down to Melbourne/Sydney haven’t been on the net much. But hey man, am now keeping track of your climb. Got a hunch you’ll go all the way this time but also know what you have to contend with having been up to only 7,000m on Aconcagua. You’ve certainly put your pound of flesh in the training which is tortuous in itself…and prolonged! Let’s hope the weather stays in your favour and you get to that little apex and down quickly and safely. Wish I was with you. Stay warm,buddy. Ciao –xR


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