Name the facebook page

I am about to set-up a FACEBOOK page which will be linked to my blogsite for my climbing expeditions (including Everest 2011).  I want you to help come up with a name for the Facebook page.  

Now in order to name this Facebook page I am running a competition in conjunction with UFIT (expedition partner).  If you win you will get one weeks worth of UFIT classes free of charge – this is worth over S$400-00!!

Two ways to enter the competition:

1) You can either befriend me on facebook and add your name to the comments section under my post on Facebook


2)  You can add your entry as a comment at the bottom of this post.  Please also include your name there so I can email or contact you back if you win!

About the name:

It should only be three words long

It should preferably feature the word Axe (my nickname)

The rest is completely upto you…!

You can enter as many entries as you wish by commenting on this link below.

Good luck:)

(T & C apply)


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