Departure delayed 

Simpson’s Donkey has arrived safely into Coffs Harbour Marina and a huge thanks to the team from TOLL for getting her here. Unfortunately due to adverse winds I will delay departure until early next week.  I am making the most of the time here preparing, testing,  rechecking, packing and  repacking the boat. I am being generously hosted by Sarah and Scott Donaldson – fellow kiwis and Scott almost kayaked the Tasman last year (he made it to within 40nm of NZ). He plans to make another attempt early next year. 

The little Donkey experiencing the colder waters of the Tasman in Coff’s Harbour marina. Photo: Alistair Harding

Today I had a nice time talking to the students from Kororo primary school who were most fascinated with the Simpson’s Donkeys toilet bucket.

Photo: Alistair Harding

I will update soon on a more precise departure date.  I am extremely pumped to get going, feel completely ready to go and slightly frustrated at the delay.

Love Captain Axe

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