Less than a week till departure

Hello from Australia,

I have arrived back in Australia and am now getting into position to depart from Coff’s Harbour.  Hoping for a suitable weather window towards the end of this week.

Please send some nice messages to the weather gods on my behalf.

Captain Axe.


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  1. Dear Weather God,
    With all due respect we ask for your good judgment to prevail during the course of Captain Axe’s journey across the Tasman Sea. Us mere mortals are nervous and maintaining vigil, and will be calling upon you often in the coming days. Please implement your noble powers while knowing that his fate is within your control, and that we anxiously yearn for these tense days to pass. Thank you, dear Weather God.
    Most sincerely, your admirer, Miss Therese.


  2. On to it Axe speaking to those weather gods for you! Looking forward to following the final leg. Kym


  3. I’ll raise a glass to the weather gods for you today, mate.


  4. Thinking of you on Canada’s thanksgiving day with prayers for your safety througout this coming arduous journey of a lifetime , remember – when the going gets tough, the tough keeps rowing 😉


  5. We saw you at Coff’s Harbour and couldn’t stop thinking about you, so we researched and found you! Wow what an amazing adventure you are embarking on! We were so interested reading your blog! Good luck


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