Hi Folks,

Have a read of the latest update from Simpson’s Donkey on another milestone reached!!

“Yesterday at 1700hrs we reached the exact halfway point in our crossing of the Java Sea – 200nm (370km)from Bangka Island with 200nm to go to reach Pulau Bawean Island.

It took us 4 days of 24 hours continuous rowing to get here – we stopped rowing for 2 hours, cleaned the boat, went for a swim and cleaned ourselves, and then we sat together on the back deck and shared a can of beer and a dram of whiskey. We felt very civilized for two hours before jumping back on the oars at 1900hrs and rowing through the night.

We are currently around 165nm from Pulau Bawean – about 3 more days of rowing. We are both tired, Charlie reports that his body is starting to creak and the exhaustion sweeps over me in waves every hour or so. During the day it is 41 degrees under the shade. Night rowing is cooler but a massive mental battle to get through the solo 2 hour shifts. We are looking forward to making sea anchorage at Bawean and catching up on much needed sleep.

Capt. Axe and First Mate Charlie”.


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  1. You are doing great guys. All best Tad

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  2. Timothy Richardson

    working on yr tan and arm muscles – might even get yaself a six pack ……tracking your progress on the map with excitement – go hard – Tim, Scho and Heather


  3. Can’t imagine it. You both are incredible and happy to see the progress. Keep safe and know we are cheering you from the USA


  4. Well done, guys. Really amazing progress. Keep up the good work!

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  5. Amazing progress. Good to see there was space for beers and whisky on the Donkey. It’s great to watch your progress. The Shortys xxx

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  6. Great photos
    Cheers Kate

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